Coding and Debugging

Coding & Debugging are similar to this quote: "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." - Eleanor Roosevelt


How to allow remote connection to mysql?

Mainly in MySQL remote login is enabled by default but not in the case for 'root'. If you want to en...

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GROUP BY Clause And Contains Non Aggregated Column Error

When MySQL's only_full_group_by mode is turned on, it means that strict ANSI SQL rules will apply wh...

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Update Git On CentOS 7

RHEL and derivatives typically ship older versions of git. To install latest version of Git you need...

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Install Dukto in CentOS 7

To install Dukto in CentOS 7 then follow these commands. These commands are perfectly working in Cen...

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Python 3 VENV Namespace Issue

Nowadays, everyone in Python is working on Virtual Environment or you can call as Local Environment...

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