Eleanor Roosevelt

"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself."

Array And For Loop Practice

In this section there are some basic array questions which commonly asked in interview. I am using P...

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Triangle Patterns

There are many triangle patterns which commonly asked in interviews. We are using PHP to print the p...

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Install Dukto in Ubuntu

These are the commands for installing Dukto and these commands are perfectly working in Ubuntu 12, U...

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1540056182-apache-maria-db-php-5.6 and PHPMyAdmin Setup In CentOS 7

Apache, Maria DB, PHP 5.6 and PHPMyAdmin Setup In CentOS 7

I am sharing the commands for installing the PHP 5.6, Maria DB and Apache in CentOS 7. Execute these...

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Bootstrap Memory True Error

After installing Elastic Search in system if we start Elastic Search it will work because by default...

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