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Install Dukto in Ubuntu

These are the commands for installing Dukto and these commands are perfectly working in Ubuntu 12, U...

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1540056182-apache-maria-db-php-5.6 and PHPMyAdmin Setup In CentOS 7

Apache, Maria DB, PHP 5.6 and PHPMyAdmin Setup In CentOS 7

I am sharing the commands for installing the PHP 5.6, Maria DB and Apache in CentOS 7. Execute these...

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Download Offline 'YUM' Packages

These commands are for those who want to use offline packages in system where there is no internet c...

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Making Bootable Drives

These commands are for making any external drives bootable. I am using my pendrive here and these co...

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Copying File From System Remotely

For download file from another system, you can do this with the 'scp' command. 'scp' uses the SSH pr...

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