Nowadays, everyone in Python is working on Virtual Environment or you can call as Local Environment so that Developer can install each packages in Local Interpreter so that it will not conflict with the Global Interpreter. But the hack is that sometimes when you move that folder to somewhere else or other PC it wont work or by luck sometimes it will work. This is because in VENV the namespace will not changed when you move to another PC.

So for the things getting work you should have to change the namespace. So here what I have done for working of Virtual Environment.

1st Step: Open bin/activate file and change the 'VIRTUAL_ENV' path.

This is the only things you have to vhange for working of VENV. But if you want to use all the libs and files like pip, easy_install, etc. You have to change the namespace. So in my case I need pip also.

So my 2nd Step is:  Open the pip file and change the path at the very first line and same goes for all the files.

Note: I got these issues when I am making the Python 3 Virtual Enviroment. I dont have any idea of Python 2.

One thing more sometime everything works fine but you will get shared library error when you try to open python in virutal environment. So please download your shared libraries.

Last Modified: 1 year ago